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The overall aim of the CardioNext programme is to train young researchers to become future leading experts in cardiovascular translational research and innovation both in academic and private environments. Training will be provided by CNIC together with academic and private partners and will consist of the following elements:

  • Individual training (based on conducting a research project under supervision of a CNIC group leader heading to PhD degree and completed by mentorship and secondments)
  • Network-wide training (comprised of three elements: scientific skills, innovation and transferable skills training)


Individual training:

CNIC supervisors will ensure appropriate research training in technical skills for the development of the individual Early Stage Researcher´s (ESR) projects. This bench-work research training will be completed by secondments at private sector and academic institutions, and by courses on scientific, innovation and transferable skills.

Network-wide training:   

Each fellow will undertake at least one secondment in the laboratory of private companies to complement their training. In particular, industrial partners will train fellows in innovation and entrepreneurial skills, translational medicine and applied research. These will not only offer meaningful expertise for the completion of the research project but they will also provide the fellows with the possibility to familiarise themselves with quality control, good manufacturing practices, intellectual property protection, commercialisation and many other experienced related to the day-to-day work in an industrial environment.

We attended the following courses to broaden our scientific horizons:

  • Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathology (6 weeks, CNIC Master)
  • Animal Handling Category B Course (30 days, CNIC)
  • From Heart to Cells: isolation of different cardiac cell types (4 days, CNIC)
  • Advanced Imaging I-Advanced Microscopy (4 days, Drs. V.R. Caiolfa and A. Arroyo (CNIC), Dr. E. Bailo (WITec))
  • Advanced Imaging II-Non-invasive Imaging of Whole Organisms (4 days, Dr. Sanchez (Philips), Dr. Ruiz Cabello (CNIC) + Nieves Gonzalo (Hospital Clínico San Carlos))
  • Ethics in Life Sciences and Healthcare R&D (2 days, Philips)
  • Cardiovascular omics: Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics (4 days, CNIC + Imegen + Thermofisher + CEU + Exiqon + miRagen Therapeutics)
  • Introduction to Bioinformatics (3 days, Fátima Sánchez-Cabo and Carlos Torroja (CNIC), Isaac Crespo (SIB))
  • Project Management and Leadership (2 days, Dr. Gisèle Deblandre (MaSTherCell))
  • Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences (1 day, Dr. Manuel Pérez (Imegen))
  • Researcher's Pathway from Academia to Industry and other further development options (1 day, Dr. Manuel Pérez (Imegen))
  • Scientific writing (5 days, Simon Bartlett (CNIC))
  • Science in Society (2 days, Gemma Roldán (ThermoFisher))
  • Intellectual Property (1 day, Noelia López (CNIC))
  • Introduction to Translational Medicine and Innovation From Bench to the Bedside (1 day, José María Castellano (CNIC))
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